why amber drop honey?

Our beekeeping journey started by chance but it has over time become our full-time occupation.
We rescue hives that would otherwise be exterminated and give them a new home and nurture them. Read more here.

We then collect their honey and bottle it with love.Β There is the classic honey but also flavoured ones (all raw) and other related products.

5% of our sales go to Save the Bees Australia to help raise awareness.

Why are bees so important?

Check out our infographic here

What our customers say about us

I just wanted to drop a note to say how much we have enjoyed your honey – it is superb. I am gifting some to my sister, and have already shared a bottle with my parents.
– Dimity

I’m so pleased to have ordered my Christmas gifts from Amber drop honey. Everything arrived and looks fabulous! I’d like to say a personal thank you to Amber drop for making sure I received my package. I had some issues with the delivery, but Amber drop contacted me to make sure I understood the process and were with me every step of the way till my package arrived. Thank you so much, I’m so happy to be supporting our local honey!Β – Dimi

Tried these two honeys (creamed and ginger) today…. superb… great local 100% Australian honeyΒ 🍯
Highly recommended from a fellow beekeeper (Bucca Bees)

Best creamed honey ever – Susan

love the ginger honey absolutely delicious…and the pollen is great in smoothies and on cerial YUM – Sandrine

I love the product and the enthusiasm of the beekeeper. My children even choose to spend their pocket money on honey and are always keen to learn about bees and production. – Shannon

the thing I love about Amber drop is the story behind the brand. Rescue bees 🐝 make the delicious honey 🍯 What an amazing sustainable | community | feel good story 🌟Order in-line and receive delivery within 2 days 👌 I ordered a couple of extra as a surprise for some friends 🦋Ohhhh and the Vanilla and Coconut 🥥 Lip Balm is to die for 💚

Amber Drop honey is without doubt the best honey that our family have ever encountered. With so much flavour and character, I can honestly say I have never tasted honey like it. We love it even more, knowing that it comes from rescued bees, and heartily concur with Ana and Sven’s efforts to reduce waste. We can’t decide whether we love the creamed honey or the plain honey best… they are both incredible. How lucky are we, to be able to purchase something so outstanding!

We recently ran a very successful crowdfunding campaign

We are extremely grateful to ING for selecting us for their Dreamstarter Campaign and we are currently busy getting this project up and running. To find out more, watch the video below.

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